Infographic :: WordPress Usage

This infographic from Hacker Target is really great to see. We love WordPress and use it for small websites to huge directories. WordPress is not only a Blog Platform! I’m still surprised how hard it is to find WordPress Developers. Most web developers say they know WordPress but constantly tell me “That can’t be done […]

Infographic :: Social Media Demographics

Demographics are crucial to effective online marketing – here’s a great infographic from Kissmetrics to help you focus your Social Media Campaign. Breaking down Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, StubleUpon and YouTube by gender, age, income, and education.

Infographic :: How the World is Using Cellphones

This is an interesting infographic outlining Mobile demographic stats. Although not as shocking as the headline implies, it does offer what we’ve been pushing for years – the Mobile Market is huge! The fact that 3 out 10 Americans used a cellphone in 1999, versus 9 out 10 a decade later, should have you wondering […]

Infographic :: How Marketers Are Utilizing Social Media In 2010

Finding a way to use Social Media to directly connect with your customers is definitely worth exploring.  We use Twitter and Facebook in all of our marketing strategies and so far the results have been great.  This is a unique marketing opportunity that companies big and small are taking advantage of.  Check out this info […]