Cost of Building iPhone and iPad Apps

How Much Do iPhone or iPad Apps Cost? I get this question a number of times a day, and unfortunately my answer is as complex as creating the App. The reality is Apps are complicated to develop – but since they seem so simple I think it’s a shock. Just like Websites the price is […]

Get WordPress Multisite working on Media Temple DV

This is for sub-domain installs Here at Frothy Goodness we use Media Temple servers for most of our Hosting needs. We’ve been extremely happy, but ran into a couple issues installing WordPress Multisite for a client. Here is how we got it working: *We recommend backing up 1.) Open the Terminal on Mac. 2.) Type: […]

Apple Announces Apps for your Mac

iPhone and iPad style apps on your Mac At the ‘Back to the Mac’ event Apple released iLife 11, and gave us a sneak peak at the new operating system “Lion” – but our favorite addition is the Mac App Store to launch mid-January. This will bring one-click buying and installing of apps from the […]