Infographic :: How Marketers Are Utilizing Social Media In 2010

Finding a way to use Social Media to directly connect with your customers is definitely worth exploring.  We use Twitter and Facebook in all of our marketing strategies and so far the results have been great.  This is a unique marketing opportunity that companies big and small are taking advantage of.  Check out this info […]

Cost of Building iPhone and iPad Apps

How Much Do iPhone or iPad Apps Cost? I get this question a number of times a day, and unfortunately my answer is as complex as creating the App. The reality is Apps are complicated to develop – but since they seem so simple I think it’s a shock. Just like Websites the price is […]

Get Your Blog, eCommerce, or Website Ready for the New Year

The New Year is approaching fast – refresh your Website Design, add some New Features, or get going on your eCommerce Site. Have you started planning your site for the New Year? It’s coming fast and there is a lot you can do to bring your Website up to date. Website Design Refresh A quick […]

Skyfire App Brings Flash To Apple iOS and Immediately Sells Out

Flash video for iOS devices? A white Christmas in hell? Nope. There is still no Adobe Flash Player for iOS devices. But there is now a clever workaround that offers Apple’s mobile customers a way to watch online Flash video on their mobile iOS devices. The Skyfire mobile browser, previously available to Android, Symbian, and […]

Update Your Own Website = Content Management System (CMS)

Can you update your own website? Then you need a CMS… With many free to low cost open source programs available today it is now reasonable to get your site built with a Content Management System. Programs like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, offer a wide number of features that make managing your own website far […]

Get WordPress Multisite working on Media Temple DV

This is for sub-domain installs Here at Frothy Goodness we use Media Temple servers for most of our Hosting needs. We’ve been extremely happy, but ran into a couple issues installing WordPress Multisite for a client. Here is how we got it working: *We recommend backing up 1.) Open the Terminal on Mac. 2.) Type: […]

Apple Announces Apps for your Mac

iPhone and iPad style apps on your Mac At the ‘Back to the Mac’ event Apple released iLife 11, and gave us a sneak peak at the new operating system “Lion” – but our favorite addition is the Mac App Store to launch mid-January. This will bring one-click buying and installing of apps from the […]